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"As this Association has been formed and perfected with so much unanimity and concord, long may it continue; may Brothery Love and affection ever distinguish us as Men and Masons"

St Michael's is a name given to both a 'Craft' Lodge and a Holy Royal Arch Chapter that meets in the Masonic centre, Albany Road Sittingbourne. The Craft Lodge was consecrated into the United Grand Lodge of England in 1869 and the Holy Royal Arch Chapter was given its charter in 1982.

You are welcome to browse this site you'll find its in two sections, one dedicated to the St Michael's Craft Lodge and the other to the Chapter.

If you're interested in becoming a Freemason or more particular a member of this Lodge, please contact us using any of the methods listed in the 'about us' page in the Craft section.

View of Sittingbourne Masonic Centre, Albany Road Sittingbourne.
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